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coming of age || romance

does not have an HEA

  • forced proximity

  • redemption arc

  • found family

  • first love

  • diverse cast

  • men in therapy???

  • gala scene

  • disability rep

  • summer in new york

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"Shatter Girl is any easy read in the best way. Miranda's voice and pacing are great throughout and each character, even the supporting roles, are well considered and beautifully represented. These factors draw readers in and make the whole experience even more personal."


A cocky playboy who craves the spotlight, a sheltered girl with no patience for jerks, and a crazy summer that will change both of their lives.

Jude Taylor has it all: the fame, the hot girl, and all the money he could ask for. But when a disastrous drug-fueled bender in Berlin ends with him being shipped back to New York in shame, he’s forced to lie low over the summer in an attempt to get back on his dying father’s good side, which seems to be no easy feat.

The reclusive Aubrey Vestergaard comes from a long line of old money – but you’d never guess by looking at her. She’s spent her life hiding from the spotlight, and she’s happy to keep it that way. After Jude unceremoniously crashes into her life, she resents his cocky attitude... even if she struggles to resist his charms.

Stuck with Aubrey over summer and forced to confront some painful personal realities, Jude reluctantly embarks on a journey of personal growth. With the help of Aubrey and a new therapist, he begins to uncover the root causes behind his arrogant persona and his wild behavior, and try to make changes to last a lifetime.

Can Jude find the courage to face long-buried trauma and grow into a happier person? And will his unlikely friendship with Aubrey blossom into something much more?

As a whirlwind coming of age story that’s set in the vibrant and bustling streets of New York City, Shatter Girl is a deep and heartbreaking summer read with larger-than-life characters, timeless themes, and a love story that feels like magic.


"One of the things I love most about a novel is when a writer can make the reader feel like they're standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the characters and watching them have very real reactions to the situations around them, and Shay does this brilliantly."


SHAY MIRANDA is a disabled veteran, freelance editor, and author of the contemporary fiction novel SHATTER GIRL. She currently lives in New York with her cat, Lucy. When she’s not writing, Shay spends her days going to doctor’s appointments, learning history, and taking continuous steps to a happy, healthy existence.

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