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About Me

Shay Miranda is a published author and spoken word poet based in New York City with her cat, Lucy. Her stories draw inspiration from life experiences and her inner work from surviving to thriving. Shay currently has two published works: Shatter Girl, and a novella called One More Hour. When she’s not writing, Shay spends her days learning about history, watching films, and taking continuous steps to a happy, healthy existence.

My Story

Shay has been writing and telling stories for as long as she could remember, from original fiction to fanfiction to poetry. She published fics as a teenager on, Fictionpress, and Wattpad, eventually self-publishing her first novel in 2019 through Amazon.


In fall 2021, she became too sick to work from an illness that would eventually be diagnosed as Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. Since then, Shay has started her own publishing company, Narrativ Press, and has used her newfound free time to pursue a meaningful life despite her disability.


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1850 Amsterdam Ave

New York, NY 10031

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