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  • mental illness

  • family abandonment

  • small instances of familial abuse

  • some cursing

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Love, resilience, and the city that never sleeps: an unforgettable journey of two artists.

In the bustling streets of New York City, playwright Daphne Finch finds herself caught in the mundane routine of her life. Juggling her job as an assistant to a wealthy businesswoman and attempting to stage her play, Daphne longs for something more. Meanwhile, New York native and talented actor Raf Pierce grapples with the disappearance of his neighborhood and the responsibility of helping his sister achieve her dreams, all while hoping for his big break. 


When Daphne’s best friend and roommate, Farah, gets engaged, it leaves Daphne uncertain about her future living arrangements in an increasingly volatile housing market. On the other side of town, Raf’s parents receive a devastating rent increase for their stabilized apartment they can’t afford. For one night together, Daphne and Raf take comfort in each other’s company as they navigate life’s challenges and deeper meanings.


In a life filled with uncertainty, Daphne and Raf’s story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of community and support in the face of adversity. Set against the vibrant backdrop of New York City, this heartwarming and compelling tale will resonate with readers long after the last page.

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