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Learn to Think Like an Artist: Brainstorming Ideas for Your Novel

Okay, so you’ve decided to write a novel. What’s next? Many writers will already have a passionate idea they care about, but if you don't know where to start, this article is just for you. Today you’ll learn to think like an artist—and brainstorm ideas for your new novel.

The easiest thing to start with is a mind map. A mind map begins with a central topic or theme you want to convey in your work. Don’t have one? Look up literary themes of your favorite novels or the kind of story you want to write. Once you have a theme or idea, now you can begin jotting down characters, scenes, ideas, and more.

I am a strong advocate that scrolling on WeHeartIt and Pinterest counts as writing, and here’s my argument. The art of writing doesn’t always have to stay in the same medium, and neither does the inspiration for it. Use photos, music, videos, and more to add more depth to your ideas. If it’s a beautiful gown on Pinterest and you can incorporate it into your work, it counts as writing.

When nothing is original, everything becomes a fair source of inspiration. Someone can retell every story differently, with new characters, and it could be one of your jobs to retell it. To take inspiration from another artist, look at their work and think about how you would change it. What do you love and hate about the stories you consume? Start writing.

Getting a full-fledged idea can feel exhausting if you’re feeling creatively blocked. By giving yourself time to brainstorm with a mind map and different mediums of art, you can create something truly yours.

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