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How to Develop a Writing Habit

Developing a writing habit can be tricky for people who might not have enough time in the day to write. Writing, like any other skill, is something that must be practiced often in order to get better. So how can you get started?

I try to learn something new about writing regularly. Writing blogs and reading books on writing have helped to increase my writing skill immensely, without having to do much writing. You could also listen to podcasts on writing.

If you can’t learn a new skill, then practice what you’ve got. Use writing prompts and exercises to challenge yourself regularly. I love going to writing events in my area and using the opportunity to practice my skills and even make new friends! Writing groups are also key to getting better—because everything is more exciting with friends! Challenge yourself to exercises like morning pages or monthly notebooks that you fill regularly. Even just getting yourself to write something—anything—once a day is progress.

Even writing for just five minutes a day counts as writing, so challenge yourself to write as many five-minute increments as possible. You’ll never know what might come out.

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