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10 Things That Count as Writing

As writers, we find other things to do in order to procrastinate actually writing. This is the gist of every writing meme we come across. But sometimes things that aren’t writing count as writing.

What do I mean? Figuring out the story is a key part of writing it down. Sometimes you have to sit down and procrastinate your story to learn more about it. Therefore, here are ten things that still count as writing.

  1. Making a playlist

  2. Making an inspo board

  3. Making fancasts

  4. Tweeting about your story

  5. Making Sims versions of your characters

  6. Googling yourself to see what pops up

  7. Changing the fonts on your draft

  8. Looking at cover inspo

  9. Making designs on Canva

  10. Watching/reading your comp titles

Writing is hard, exhausting work. And it’s not always actually writing. Crafting an intricate story takes many pieces. Next time you feel guilty for not writing—remember that you don’t always have to be.

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