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How to Support Indie Authors

Indie authors make up a huge part of the reading community online, and they deserve to be supported! However, it's not always feasible to provide monetary support for indie authors such as buying their book. Never fear, there are tons of ways to make sure your fav indie author feels supported.

Share their posts.

Share what they post on social media and hype them up! This is the simplest way to show support to an indie, and helps to get their content and story in front of more possible readers, especially since you liked the book!

Share content about it.

I love seeing people create content for my books, and this is such a cool way to show your love. Share bookish memes, your favorite quotes, aesthetic boards.

Create book lists for indies.

BookTok, BookTwitter, and Bookstagram all tend to stick to the same, very specific lists of popular books, but we hardly ever see smaller books or indies make the cut. Making lists and giving comparative titles for indie books is such a good way to express your support.

Watch out for giveaways and promotions.

You could snag a free copy of indie books by keeping an eye out for promotions and giveaways! These events are big for authors, but they're great for readers who need to access books for free or low prices. You can tag your friends, share the promotion, and also have a chance to get a free copy for yourself!

Ask them for a copy in exchange for a review.

Tons of authors are willing to provide their book to readers in exchange for a review. This is common practice amongst the writing community that might not be widely known, but kept as a general rule.

Supporting indies is a great way to interact with your favorite authors and form connections with them. Reading and sharing books is a love we all have in common, so we should support each other when we can.

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