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3 Reasons You Should Be Doing Writing Sprints

Like any skill, writing is a tool that needs to be practiced and worked on. There are tons of ways to maintain a writing habit, but one of my favorites are writing sprints.

A writing sprint is a set period of time in which you do nothing but write. Some writers do 15 minute spurts, some go for an hour. It all depends on you, how much time you can put into writing, and how long you can stay focused.

Writing sprints are also done with buddies! Get your writer friends together and set a timer while the both of you dive into your own work--this is an exercise that's not limited to space, and can be done online!

Here are three reasons as to why you should be doing writing sprints.

Hone your writing skill.

Practice makes perfect, and writing is no different. As you get yourself in the mindset of quick writing with no time to edit, you'll find your story being written faster than before. The more writing sprints you do, the faster you'll write, the better you'll feel.

Time in your day to write.

Developing a consistent habit for writing is the only way to get better, and writing sprints are perfect for those with jam-packed days and little time to do what they love. Just fifteen minutes a day can get you a novel in a year if you keep at it.

More community.

Writing is a solitary job and can feel very lonely at times. Writing sprints are a great way for a community to come together and get what they need done. Writers all over the world host sprints on Instagram Live, Discord, online forums, and more.

Building a community within your writing career is one of the greatest and easiest ways to stay motivated while you're working on your book. Join a writing sprint today, or create your own with our friends!

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