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10 Tools for Writers

Updated: Mar 15

A writer’s toolkit is essential for sitting down to work on a novel. Many authors will develop a list of tools that work well for them (which is what I did), and now I want to share these tools with you!

For Writing

I will be the first to say that I am a slut for generators, so here’s one of my favorite websites. This has a generator for EVERYTHING, from fantasy names to realistic names to location names, descriptions, etc. I did mean everything

Need a kingdom? Here’s a map generator. Pretty sure this is for D&D folks, but writers aren't too far behind. This is great for initial map drafts or just for private use.

Another generator site you can click through. This one also has writing tips on a blog!

Sites for image inspiration: WeHeartIt, Pinterest

Sites for writing: Google Docs

- I use the Notes app on Apple devices to write the bulk of my novels, transferring to Google Docs as I go. Docs will hold a master copy.

For Learning

Reedsy is one of the most popular writing blogs, and rightfully so. They have tons of information that you can get lost in. (Other parts of the Reedsy site have freelancers for your writing needs!)

Learn from the best writers of our generation in Masterclasses on Creative Writing. These are behind a paywall, but definitely worth it for any budding writer.

For Publishing

20Booksto50k (Facebook Group)

Yes, I’m the zillennial that still uses Facebook and I will take no further arguments. This book is perfect for starting self-publishers that want advice from experienced authors. I have learned a lot of what I know on here.


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